ProductCustomer's satisfaction is our purpose
About us
  • Shenzhen Stcapacitors Co.,Ltd which is founded in the year 2005 is a manufacturer. It specializes in the professional film capacitors. Headquater locates in Futian district ,Shenzhen city. Moreover, the factory is located in Xinxu town ,Huizhou city , with very convenient traffic . The plant has an area of 6000 square meters, 200 staff . Annual output is about 300 million pieces.  

  • Our management idea is quality first,with considerate service. 
  • Customer's satisfaction is our purpose;
  • People oriented;Betterment in continuity for supplying our high quality capacitors to achieve our own brand leap!

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  • 三星Fenghua Hi-Tech
  • 村田TDK
  • 太诱华新科
  • 国巨达方
  • 基美丸和
  • 宇阳AVX
    三星Fenghua Hi-Tech
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